My Profile

A search for a sound, an abstract encryption, a new type of expression that represents my current musical conscience: this was my point of reference during the research and creation of this collection of pieces that represents a part of my artistic expression and therefore a part of the deepest part of my soul.

Screaming virtuosity, almost exaggerated, set against singing line; sophisticated harmonies associated with warm, almost hesitant sonorities: this is my profile.

La Gola

The long and steep passage where the Bright Bells take us is bare but promises discoveries. During the journey along “La Gola”, perceptions and feelings follow one another.

The compactness of purpose, the control of the balance between language and content, are striking in “La Gola”; this all the more if we consider that the composers come from different countries of origin. The Bright Bells Trumpet Quartet extend the capabilities, the tones of the difficult and playful instrument of the trumpet, which plays all the parts in comedy.

A loneliness that flows away, proud.